PT & E alum Luehna outside Randall Children's hospital where she works in the Neonatal ICU.

PT & E alum Luehna outside Randall Children's hospital where she works in the Neonatal ICU.


Luehna is one of the hundreds of scholar athletes who have benefited from PT&E and the support of our donors like you. She was a member of the PT&E High School Academy and honed her academic and tennis skills at St. John's Racquet Center. We sat down with her to see where she is 6 years after graduating from Benson High School.

1. Life update since graduating high school

I went to Linfield College to get my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I then studied for the NCLEX and worked for PT&E full time after I graduated. I worked for Salem Health for one year in their women and children’s float pool including: Pediatrics, Neonatal ICU, Mom & Baby, and Labor and Delivery. I now work at Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel in the Neonatal ICU (intensive care unit)!

2. How did your time at PT&E help you get to where you are today?

My time in the high school academy taught me where hard work and persistence can get you in tennis and in school. With year round practice and tournament play, my tennis skills grew immensely from JV2 to playing our #3 singles spot on Varsity in a year. As for school, I was surrounded by hard working scholar athletes that pushed me to stay focused and keep school a high priority. With volunteer opportunities through PT&E, I learned important life skills. PT&E also offered me my first job sophomore year of high school, working with our younger student athletes as a coach/tutor. Here I learned how to work with kids and their families, how to manage small groups, and how to teach at different learning levels. PT&E taught me the importance of diversity and gave me a true sense of community.

3. Why did you choose to go into nursing?

I've always loved working with kids -- it is my truest passion. And I've always wanted to help and work with people to serve my community. One summer I worked at my mom’s work where she works as a med aide in an assisted living facility. I finally got to see all the hard work she puts in and the joy she receives from all the patients she has helped. The way her patients love and adore her gave me inspiration to make a difference like she does.

 "Coach Lu" reading with two scholar athletes at PT & E

"Coach Lu" reading with two scholar athletes at PT & E

4. A day in the life of Luehna

Working 12 hour night shift gives me ample time to do the things I love during the daytime and on my days off. I love working out with my friends -- we have grown a love for boxing, the teachers keep it energetic and fun. I like seeing old friends and trying new restaurants around Portland. I love spending time with my family, taking my parents to watch movies, and eating home cooked Filipino meals. Sometimes I'll get enough days off in a row to go on mini vacations to Seattle or California! I like to go hiking when the weather is nice, golf with my dad, or go up to the mountain to snowboard. Of course I love coming back to PT&E to volunteer and hang out with my favorite scholar athletes and coaches!

When she returns “Coach Lu” often assists Nurse Patty, Portland Tennis & Education’s Volunteer Registered Nurse, who has been with the program for 7 years.

5. Advice for scholar athletes

When you show passion and a love for learning you can be anything you want to be!

 Luehna with the scholar athletes in our elephant classroom

Luehna with the scholar athletes in our elephant classroom

6. What does “being successful” mean to you

To me “being successful” is following your dreams and doing what you love, but also being able to give to others.