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In 1996, Ernest Hartzog, PhD., Assistant Superintendent of Portland Public Schools and Nancy Osmond, from the Pacific Northwest Section of the United States Tennis Association collaborated to create Portland After-School Tennis (PAST).  The mission was to provide children from low-income families the access to the sport of tennis. After-school tennis was offered at 18 schools throughout the Portland Public School District. In 2007, Dr. Hartzog brought Danice Brown on board as the Executive Director and over the next couple of years, she introduced an educational component by adding reading and life-skills to the program’s offering. As a result, the organization changed the name to Portland Tennis & Education (PT&E) to reflect the broader mission of the non-profit organization.

Dr. Hartzog’s legacy continues on through the Dr. Ernest E. Hartzog Scholarship Fund. This fund provides continued support to PT&E’s graduating members of our year-round, K-12 programming who choose to continue to pursue higher education. At PT&E, 100% of our Scholar Athletes have graduated from high school on time and 97% have gone on to pursue higher education in fields that include: trade, healthcare, public service, and more. While most have completed their bachelors, a few are still working towards their doctorates! Graduates can apply for scholarships ranging anywhere from $500 - $1,000 to put towards their academic expenses at their respective college or university.


Dr. Ernest E. Hartzog, Founder

We are so fortunate to have a founder that is still closely involved with the organization and who’s family continues to unconditionally provide support to the program. In this photo, Dr. Hartzog is pictured with his two daughters, Brenda and Sharon, at PT&E’s 2017 Fall Gala.