Volunteer Spotlight: Coach Debbie

Coach Debbie volunteers as a Coach and Tutor with our PAST&E Tennis Academy for High School students. She taught high school math at Aloha High School in the late 70's and then jumped ship to software engineering and retired from IBM in 2005. Her husband claims she's busier now than when she worked, which she says "is probably true but I only work on what I want to."

Tennis has been a life long sport for Coach Debbie. She first started with a Bobby Riggs wood racquet and a press. After she retired, the son of a tennis friend needed help in math so, she started tutoring because "I can't resist a good math problem." In 2010, Coach Debbie was looking for a way to volunteer her tutoring services and came upon PAST&E. "It was love at first sight!!!" she says "Not only do I get to work with highly motivated high school students, I get to play tennis with them as well. Life just doesn't get any better!"