Kirk Anderson Comes to PT&E for 10 & Under Training!

Portland Tennis & Education at St. Johns Racquet Center is thrilled to have welcomed Kirk Anderson, Director of Coaching Education for the USTA, back to Portland Tennis & Education for two 10 & Under Workshops on June 13 and June 14. We extend a huge "THANK YOU" to Kirk Anderson and the USTA Pacific Northwest Section (including former PT&E Coach/Tutor Alyssa Morrison), as well as the USTA team, for helping us host two coaching 10 & Under tennis training workshops PT&E at St Johns Racquet Center! These workshops helped introduce our staff and volunteers to teaching young people tennis, as well as getting everyone excited for our "Serving Up Success" Summer Program at PT&E. We had over 55 people participate in the workshop, including many tennis community members.

Kirk Anderson also taught the 10 & Under Workshop at Portland Tennis & Education in January of 2015. His expertise in the sport of tennis and incredible skill at teaching youth are qualities that our program and staff hope to model. THANK YOU to Kirk and the entire team for making these workshops such a great success and helping us to increase our junior athletic development!