Davis Cup Coin Toss at Pioneer Square

Early in the morning PT&E Coaches and Scholar Athletes headed out to Pioneer Square to set up 5 mini tennis courts to play on. Our Scholar Athletes demonstrated their foam ball skills, attracting attention from everyone passing by, some even stopped by to watch and play. 

With more and more attention the crowd grew larger and larger. All awaiting to see what all the commotion is about. Finally an announcement was made that the US Davis cup and Croatian Davis Cup teams will be arriving to watch the coin toss ceremony to determine the order of serves. The event officially began with the PT&E "Let's Move It" Modified Flash Mob Dance. (Click Here to see the Dance.) 

After both the US and Croatian Davis Cup teams were introduced it was time to decide the order of play and which team will serve first. It wasn't any regular coin toss, we had four of our Scholar Athletes, Alberto and Angel playing against Gerry and Ristom first to 3. It was a intensive match Gerry and Ristom being behind 0-2, came back and got to 1-2, with a long rally with almost every single tennis stroke known to mankind being hit back and forth Alberto and Angel were able to win the rally with a big forehand to win 3-1. That wasn't the end of the matches, then teammates Alberto and Angel had to face off against each other first to 3 again. Alberto and Angel battled it out, giving it everything they had. Alberto led with a dominating 2-0 lead, but Angel kept his head cool and continued to grind out all the points chasing after every ball even chasing the ball all the way out to the audience. Making a comeback to 2-2. After a long hard fought last point Alberto clinched a 3-2 victory over Angel with a massive forehand winner to the backhand side. Alberto was given the honor to draw a ball out of a bowl to decide the order of play and serve for the Davis Cup.