A Big Win Over the Weekend for PT&E!

Over the weekend, our 4.5+ Men's League headed up to Spokane, WA to participate in the 4.5 Men's Sectional Championships after an incredible season of being undefeated in their flight. Their win streak continues, and their road to Nationals was secured, after a final showdown with their toughest competitor on Sunday, August 14 at the Ferris High School courts. 

A big congrats to Team Captains, Fitz (a board member of PT&E) & Trenton (Previous PT&E Staff Member and Current USTA Junior Competition Coordinator) and their team members Leon (PT&E Director of Tennis), Franklin (PT&E Pro & Assistant Facility Manager), Dan (a board member of PT&E), David, Pete, Jake, Jeff, Damon, Geoff, Andrew, Eric, Jimmy, & Scott.

Thank you for representing PT&E at St. Johns Racquet Center! Also, a thank you to the Alyssa & USTA PNW for all of their hard work to make it all happen.