Jugamos Juntos Family Tennis Clinics

Over the course of six weeks PT&E offered free family tennis clinics every Friday night at the St. John's Racquet Center to introduce community members, specifically from the LatinX community, to the sport of tennis. Over 115 people participated in these clinics, which were known as "Jugamos Juntos Family Tennis Nights" over the six weeks. Jugamos Juntos came to a close with a festive potluck on Friday June 23rd. The SJRC was packed with smiling faces and laughter as families came together to play fun games, win prizes (everyone left with a new shirt and a racquet), listen to engaging speeches from Jorge Fuenmayor and Ian Symmonds and eat the delicious food! These pictures are just a small snapshot from this amazing evening.

Special thanks to the USTA Diversity and Inclusion for the grant that made the Jugamos Juntos Family Tennis nights possible and to their director Bill Leong who was in attendance this past Friday. Another thanks to our guests Ian and Jorge as well as Miguel Garcia for showing up on Friday and supporting this event. And last but not least a huge thank you to all of the families who showed up eager to learn and play over the past 6 weeks, you are what made Jugamos Juntos such a special thing. We hope to see you around the SJRC soon!