Community Partners

We are proud to partner with local companies and organizations who support our mission. Our partners range in services, from a refugee organization to meal and snack providers. Our trips are well equipped because of our partner's generosity. Thank you, partners!


IRCO- Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization

IRCO services the needs of people new to the Portland area by providing them with support. Our partnership with IRCO allows us to take immigrants and refugee youth into the outdoors of Oregon.



Kind has partnered with Passport Oregon to be our official snack provider! Our students enjoy having a healthy snack while exploring Oregon, and KIND keeps them energized.

sun school.gif

Sun School

Passport Oregon has partnered with SUN School at James John Elementary School, Creston Elementary School and Beaver Acres Elementary School. Each school has had cohorts of young explorers visit some of Oregons natural wonders with Passport Oregon.


Sisters Fruit Company

Sisters Fruit Company provides our adventurers with delicious, nutritious fruit snacks.