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Our Beginning

Passport Oregon began with a six-student cohort from the Creston neighborhood in SE Portland. In the fall of 2016, the students began exploring. Their first trip was to Mount Hood, where they hiked around Trillium Lake, visited Timberline Lodge, and learned about the history of Oregon. 

Since this initial trip Passport Oregon has taken over 100 students from underserved communities throughout the Portland area on over 40 trips.

The trips open doors to exploration, education, and empowerment. Our trips are strategically designed to allow students to experience nature, learn from experts, and gain the skills they need to make the outdoors a part of their lives. Our trips include at least one parent leader so that they can become an instrument for taking students outdoors.

Passport Oregon was founded by Chief Exploration Officer Kevin Frazier. Thanks to his tireless work and with the support of his friends and family this volunteer ran organization became a 501 c(3) in 2016 aimed at giving every Oregonian access to our beautiful state. Checkout this video about the founding of Passport Oregon and its mission.



In the Summer of 2018 Passport Oregon became an official program of PT&E and is now completely run by our organization and a corps of dedicated volunteers. 

Since joining PT&E a total 27 of our Scholar Athletes have gone on the 19 trips led by Passport Oregon. PT&E is working to develop partnerships with local SUN Schools and like-minded organizations to provide more outdoor opportunities for youth in the North Portland community.

We hope to impact the lives of 100 students with our Passport Oregon program in 2019. We want every Oregonian to experience the state of Oregon!