stephanie haas

Associate Director

Like any true Portlander, Steph is a recent transplant from the Midwest. In 2012 she moved to Portland after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Creighton University. She began volunteering at PT&E in fall of 2012 through James John SUN School and the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest. After a 9-month position with another non-profit organization as a traveling Recruiter, Steph returned to PT&E to work full-time in May 2014.

Steph has been officially playing tennis since May 2014. For her first two dozen years of life, she was playing other sports (basketball, volleyball, track and field, soccer, softball, and rugby) but has fallen--hard and fast--in love with the life-long sport of tennis. Steph enjoys the opportunity to learn tennis alongside the Scholar Athletes of Portland Tennis & Education.

Steph loves spending time in the classroom practicing long division and multiplication, as well as playing educational games with the Scholar Athletes. When she isn’t at PT&E at SJRC, you can find Steph reading a classic novel or unknown memoir, playing board and card games with friends, enjoying a bike ride, or perusing around the city and people watching. Steph is quite fond of cooking all things vegetarian and then eating them.