Steve Karakas

Steve began his musical career at age 7 playing the accordion.  Call it inevitable, call it fate, or call it his only viable choice– nearly every step in his musical career would point him to the band called Beadhead.  After six years of accordion lessons he began fooling around with the guitar.  The leader of his high school band recruited him to play accordion in the marching band—seriously.  This impracticality eventually led him to play in the percussion section.  It was here he met his first rock and roll bandmate, Jay Lundell.  At 14 years of age they formed The Dynasty and even recorded an album.  The band broke up when Steve moved to California.  He teamed up with fellow Cal Berkeley students to form “Rhubarb”.

He moved back to Portland and teamed up with former Paul Revere and the Raider guitarist, and eventual business partner, Pierre Ouellette to form the Sludge Bros. The band’s bass player was Bill Piland, a stalwart of one of Portland’s most popular bands of the ‘70’s, Sleazy Pieces.  The Sludge Bros had a very long run and over that period of time its members included Mr. Lucky and the Gambler’s, Mike ParkerSteppenwolf’s Kent HenryHudson Bros., Bob Metke; singer/songwriter Gary Ogan.

In the late ‘90’s Steve teamed with Bob Hawkins and John DiFalco (and former Beadhead guitarist Flor Fernandez) to start the Relics, a classic rock and roll/R&B oriented band.  In 2000 Steve was asked to put a back up band together to support a Jimmy Buffett tribute artist for a gig in Portland.  This led to the formation of the Oxymorons.  Bill Piland joined this band along with ShaKara. Members of the Relics and Oxymorons eventually morphed into Beadhead after Steve saw Terrence Simmien play a R&B tinged zydeco show at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI.  Jay Lundell joined the band in 2010 to round out the current lineup.

The influences of Buffett, classic rock, zydeco all combine to create the “Tropical Rock” sound of Beadhead.  Steve plays guitar, accordion, keyboards and sings for Beadhead.