Who You Will Be Volunteering With


PT&E serves 70 incredibly diverse and resilient youth in kindergarten to 12th grade. Ninety-seven percent of our youth are people of color and 83% are bilingual. They come from families that are extremely hardworking with the vast majority working multiple jobs and/or long shifts. The families are also are dedicated to the success of their children and many (82%) immigrated to the US to pursue more opportunities for their children to thrive. However, our North Portland community faces a variety of systemic challenges, including increasing living costs, a high poverty rate, and low-performing schools. Two-thirds of students at our neighborhood elementary and middle schools fail to meet reading and math standards. These early deficiencies culminate in a dismal on-time graduation rate at Roosevelt, the local high school, which had only a 73% on-time graduation rate in 2017. The neighborhood poverty rate is also much higher than the city’s average, and all of our families have qualified for Free & Reduced Lunch, a federal indicator of low-income households. PT&E’s goal is to help our families overcome these disparities by providing tools and a community of support for them to succeed.

In addition to the 70 kids in our year-round program, PT&E reaches over 1,600 youth & their families with community partnerships and events that make tennis and educational opportunities more accessible.